Right of Way Services

  • Acquisition Services
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Preliminary Route Selection and Analysis
  • Public Participation Process
  • Survey Administration and Base Mapping
  • Title Research and Examination
  • Regulatory and Land Use Permitting
  • Appraisal Contract Administration and Waiver Valuations


The Electric Power Systems, Inc. Right of Way Services (EPS ROWS) department’s goal is to set the standard for private sector right of way acquisitions and relocations. We have gathered a team with expertise in right of way acquisition, relocation, planning, mapping and surveying, giving us a well-rounded perspective to a project. We become familiar with a project in the proposal stage, identifying potential problems so they can be addressed early in the right of way project. We take agency and client standards (such as the Federal Uniform Act) and implement a program of acquisition and relocation to satisfy those standards and meet right of way certification schedules. We enter essential project data such as landowner’s names and legal descriptions in a proprietary database that undergoes detailed quality control and is then automatically linked to deeds, purchase agreements, and other related documents to eliminate errors and inconsistencies in document preparation.


Daniel Beardsley, SR/WA founded the EPS ROWS department nearly ten years ago under EPS subsidiary Dryden & LaRue, Inc., with the acquisition of easements for a single electrical transmission line. Since then, EPS ROWS has expanded and is now a principal supplier of right of way services meeting Federal Uniform Act requirements to Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) projects. In 2014, Mr. Beardsley began a mentoring and transition program, hiring senior right of way professionals to prepare for his retirement in 2016. Mr. Beardsley continues to consult on special projects.