EPS ROWS’s core staff has nearly 100 years of combined experience in right of way, property management, permitting, and related fields, coupled with over 600 credits from the International Right of Way Association, over 65 classes in other related fields, as well as real estate licensing. EPS ROWS has acquired rights of ways and permits for many highways, transmission lines, and distribution lines (both overhead and underground), throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Our permitting experience includes coordinating, developing, and obtaining agency approvals and project permits on the local, state, and federal levels.

Meet Our Team

Tim Mullikin
Tim MullikinSR/WA, PLS

Mr. Mullikin is Co-Manager of EPS ROWS and is a Professional Land Surveyor and Senior Right of Way agent with over 35 years’ experience in Alaska, California, and Nevada. Mr. Mullikin performs project management, right of way acquisitions, and various surveying and mapping tasks. He interprets legal descriptions, performs field surveys, and creates right of way and parcel acquisition maps. He delivered acquisition services for the Parks Highway Phase II, Seward Highway Dimond to Dowling, Glenn Highway MP 34-42, and the Matanuska Electric Association Hospital to Herning Transmission line project. Mr. Mullikin is a skilled title researcher for both surface and subsurface oil and gas rights, with experience in state recording offices, as well as BLM and DNR databases. His expertise as a land surveyor adds greater depth to the services EPS ROWS can offer. Mr. Mullikin was named IRWA Chapter 49’s 2014 Professional of the Year.

Qualifications: Alaska Real Estate Salesperson License #18729; Senior Level Right of Way Agent, Professional Land Surveyor #7615 (Alaska), California and Nevada, Certified Federal Surveyor, U.S. Mineral Surveyor.)

Fred Mortimer
Fred MortimerAICP, SR/WA

Mr. Mortimer is Co-Manager of EPS ROWS, with nearly 30 years of progressive experience in the right of way and land planning fields. He joined EPS ROWS in October 2013. Since that time, he has been actively engaged in acquisitions and project management for the MSB Seldon Road Extension, Phases 1 and 2, and DOT&PF’s Parks Highway Phase II projects. He was assistant project manager and then project manager for the Seward Highway Dimond to Dowling Project and Glenn Highway MP 34-42 Project, which included: coordinating agent assignments, tracking progress and generating reports with EPS ROWS’s proprietary data base application. He provides quality control for acquisition packets, as well as for closeout packages. He is currently project manager for the University Avenue Widening project, Segments 1 and 2, for DOT&PF. Prior to joining EPS ROWS, Mr. Mortimer was Vice President at Mesimer and Associates, Inc., a specialized Florida firm providing civil engineering and land planning litigation support to property and business owners impacted by right of way projects. Many of the over 3,000 eminent domain actions (fee and easement) managed by Mr. Mortimer were along major intrastate transportation and utility corridors. Mr. Mortimer is a land planner certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Eckerd College.

Qualifications: Alaska Real Estate Salesperson License #18740, Senior Right of Way Agent, Certified Land Planner.

Stephen Evans
Stephen EvansSR/WA, RW-RAC, RW-NAC

Mr. Evans is EPS ROWS’s Relocation Manager. He manages both acquisition and relocation for our Parks Highway Phase III project. Mr. Evans has diverse experience obtaining easements, fee acquisition and providing relocation services for highways, railroads, sidewalks, runways, noise and wetland mitigations, sanitary sewers, waterlines, parks and trails in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Alaska. Since 1998, he has provided these services to various agencies including state departments of transportation, airports, railroads, counties, CIDs and municipalities. He understands the methodology of the Federal Uniform Relocation Act, and the procedures of DOT&PF, GDOT, and SCDOT. He has knowledge and experience to meet tight deadlines and accomplish projects with limited budgets. He has also provided project management and pre-acquisition services from public meetings to right of way certification by coordinating with appraisers, specialty estimators, attorneys, agents, local government coordinators, and team leaders. He has also performed complex relocations for multiple business and residential displacees on DOT&PF’s Seward Highway from Dimond to Dowling, Glenn Highway MP 34-42, and Parks Highway, Phase III projects.

Qualifications: Alaska Real Estate Salesperson License #18506; Associate Broker #114524; Senior Level Right of Way Agent, with a specialization in Relocation Services.

Kathryn Schreckenghost
Kathryn SchreckenghostSR/WA

Kathryn has worked for EPS ROWS since 2011. In this period, she has acquired parcels on DOT&PF’s Seward Highway Dimond to Dowling, Glenn Highway MP 34-42 and Parks Highway I & II projects, the City of Wasilla’s Mack Road, and the Matanuska Electric Association Hospital to Herning Transmission line. She helped provide relocation services for displaced tenants on the Seward Dimond to Dowling and Parks Highway Phase II projects, and is currently working on several business and residential relocations on DOT&PF’s Parks Highway Phase III. Ms. Schreckenghost creates GIS project maps showing new alignments, topography, and land ownership. Further, she developed a Microsoft Access database and reporting system to help organize projects and automate the creation of conveyance and relocation documents. Project managers and staff on all projects have used this system since its inception. Kathryn served as Project Manager on DOT&PF’s 5th & 6th Avenue Resurfacing project and currently serves as Project Manager for DOT&PF’s 3rd Street Widening project in Fairbanks. Kathryn has a Bachelor’s of Science Technology and an Associates of Applied Science.

Qualifications: Alaska Real Estate Broker License #18351, Senior Level Right of Way Agent.

Norman Bailey
Norman BaileySR/WA Candidate

Mr. Bailey joined EPS ROWS in October 2012. Since that time, he has successfully negotiated construction easements, sign relocations, and parcel acquisitions on the Parks Highway Phase I, II, and III projects, the Glenn MP 34-42 project, and Matanuska Electric Association’s Hospital to Herning Transmission line project. He was also the primary relocation agent for a 150+ unit self-storage facility. Mr. Bailey honed his title research skills while performing ownership research with DNR, BLM, and State Recorder’s Office records for the Susitna Feasibility Studies Project. On the City of Wasilla’s Mack Road project, Mr. Bailey not only completed multiple acquisitions and coordinated design changes with client agencies and landowners, but also helped convince multiple reluctant landowners to take part in the required right of way process. Mr. Bailey has completed multiple acquisitions on the Seward Highway Dimond to Dowling project, and was a team member acquiring construction easements for the DOT&PF’s 5th & 6th Street resurfacing project. He currently serves as Project Manager for various Municipality of Anchorage acquisition projects through EPS ROWS’s acquisition term contract with the MOA.

Qualifications: Alaska Real Estate Salesperson License #18506; Senior Level Right of Way Agent; SR/WA Candidate